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ProGo-280 Mini Quad Frame Kit

The ProGo 280 is a high performance mini-quad frame designed to house the GoPro™ camera. Built with the "Less is more" concept in mind, the ProGo280 is simplistic, yet highly functional. Being smaller than other GoPro-carrying quads gives it an aerodynamic advantage, as well as a fierce power-to-weight ratio. 


- Extremely Durable 

- 3mm carbon arms and base

- GoPro camera protector 

- Battery strap indentations to prevent slippage

- Wiring/undercarriage protector on the bottom

- 1/4" SMA antenna mounting holes

- Plenty of mounting space for all your gear

- Includes extra nylon standoffs 


Frame weight: 150g

Prop size: 6"

Length: 233mm

Motor mounting holes: M3 16mm-19mm

Recommended Components:

Flight Controller: Naze32

Motors: RCMC 2206

ESCs: Super performance: KISS, High performance: RCMC 15A BLHELI

GoPro Lens Protector: Eye of Mine Slip on Filter

Battery: 1800Mah 3s

Props: 2-bladed: Black

FPV: TX, AntennasCamera, Complete FPV System

Receivers: 2.4ghz, 433mhz

BEC: Micro UBEC (only needed with KISS ESCs)

Antenna Coax: RPSMA (For TS*** or Skyzone Transmitters) 

Heat Shrink for KISS ESCs: Clear

Heat Shrink for wires: Yellow

For replacement parts, contact me:

Discontinued We will be coming out with a new mini quad design in the near future.